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King of Indecision

"King of Indecision" is a brilliant game designed by two-time author (and Amazon best-seller) on Board Game Design, Joe Slack. Joe is also a prolific game designer who has published other titles.

A Medieval Styled Game of Strategy, Surprise, and Suspense 3D Gaming Studio created a perfect representation of KOI game and revealed everything kickstarter backers needed to know about the game.

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The best sports card game for adults. It's a fun but strategic sports card game that smartly translates its characters' abilities to the tabletop. It has defence cards, offence cards, shooting cards, characters and more.

3D Gaming Studio designed a trailer video for Outsyle card game showcasing game components and playing concept.

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In Dining Dynasties, 2 to 4 players take on the role of aspiring restaurateurs. Over the course of nine rounds, each player must work to draw in business, improve their restaurant, build a loyal customer base and compete to offer the finest cuisine.

To do this, players must compete with each other for their share of an ever changing customer pool, while always preparing for the inevitable changing market demands.

We designed a simple, yet effective game trailer video, showcasing game components and game concepts.

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A line of polyhedral dice sets with tri-color and dual-color effects for BrycesDice. This is an eight set campaign. An all or nothing Kickstarter, The Anthology is slated to be the FIRST official dice line up for BrycesDice.

A small dice supply company ran solely by Bryce Lickfield. Fulfillment, product development, and customer service are all dulled out from one man, and when times get busy, the family jumps in too.

3D Gaming Studio designed a kickstarter trailer video for Anthology of dice and explained the polyhedral dice sets with tri-color and dual-color effects.

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Serpent Master -- A fun, light game of trying to be on top and stay on top. Game includes simultaneous play with a strategic element.

Serpent Master is a game of getting on top and staying on top. Players control a serpent and battle for supremacy in pit style action.

Players slither in to claim their initial territory. The fun really begins as players slither around and over the top of other players trying to stay on top while holding the most territory.

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